Osomo has done field tests at the beginning of 2017 in their test facilities in Lelystad of a LNG analytic measurement probe from Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. (ASaP) called the PHAZER . The test results have led to an acceleration of the development and sales of this product, because of the validation and proven performance with actual field data. Osomo is very proud to be able to contribute to this success by executing the field test in cooperation with ASaP and validate this performance.

We have been able to mount the PHAZER in our special designed cryogenic three phase separator vessel by removing the internals and add a new manufactured cover with the phaser attached to it. Important detail for the success was the use of an cryogenic endoscope with a camera to capture live video images. We used re-liquefied methane from a LCNG fuelstation. For a representative test result is was important that the probe was fully dipped in low pressure LNG (0,9 barg).

We congratulate ASaP with the results and wish them all the best with further roll-out of the PHAZER.

More information can be found here: True Value – An integrated solution of ASaP’s LNG Phazer & Orbital’s GasPT-LNG