4More than four years ago Osomo Projects liquefied biogas for the first time in a small test set-up. Besides making it visually tangible, is also showed the reliability of the process choices and the test generated crucial knowledge for the next following development steps.

In the following years Osomo developed a Bench Scale prototype end produced LBM produced the sewage treatment plant in Apeldoorn. This Bench Scale installation has provided insight into the liquefaction process, effects, behaviors and allowable range of contaminants in the gas, and the technical control and reliability of the system.

The last two years Osomo Projects developed an innovative LBM-installation in which a number of principles that matches the demands and requirements for a solid LBM business case and solving current issues concerning the production and conditioning of LBM. This iLNG system was built and put into operation at the site of Acrres, test location WUR, Lelystad. The plant has a capacity of 0.25 tons LBM per day and continues to produce until the end of 2015.

After three consecutive pilot projects with increasing scale sizes, the iLNG technology is now ready for commercial scale where this groundbreaking technique can be applied.